TLV is different 

Since it’s foundation, Tel Aviv was in a constant search for cultural identity. Today, more than 100 years later, Tel Aviv is Israel’s center of architecture, design, contemporary art, cinema and theater. Our tours will take place in the heart of the city and will focus on architecture, street art and local culinary as a cultural mirror.



Food tasting
The Tel Aviv markets have become the the go-to place for both gourmet food lovers and locals on a grocery errand. Their compelling power comes from the colors and tastes, filling the nose and eyes with the sense of exotic, far away lands. Join a tour to find out the stories behind the special herb stands, small boutique delis, from local merchants. They have some spicy stories to tell!
Art & Galleries
The narrow streets of south Tel Aviv hold treasures - graffiti, bars, trendy dance clubs, restaurants and art galleries. Our tour will take you into the gallery spaces and showrooms, where we will talk about contemporary art, the artists that created the work and the strong impact art has on how we constantly rethink our cultural surroundings.
Nightfall is the right time to set out on a tour to discover Tel Aviv’s vibrant night scene, and get a close look at ‘the city that never sleeps’. Where are the cool clubs? Where can you find a community or art center that hosts a hot dance line? What’s the city’s new trending cocktail drink? Along the tour we will meet some prominent bar owners who will tell us more about what has become one of the worlds most known bar scenes, about how it all began at legendary small town bars. Needless to say, we’ll raise a toast or two before saying goodbye!



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